Duffy Sheridan Realistic Oil Paintings

Duffy Sheridan is one of the distinguished realistic oil painting artists who entered the art platform since he was a kid. His inspiration was his father, who was an artist. Duffy devoted his life for art and for the innovation of novel techniques in painting.

Although most of his years were spent in secluded regions of the world, his paintings have reached collectors all over the globe.  Since returning to the US in 1991, his paintings have received global acclaim and he has been elected a Living Master™ by the Art Renewal Center. Most of his paintings are amazingly realistic and it is hard to believe that these are paintings.

Duffy Sheridan Paintings



Duffy Sheridan and his wife, Jeanne

Duffy sheridan

Duffy Sheridan in his studio at home in Arizona.

All of his paintings are known for the touch of realism. His techniques are unique and is achieved with years of practice in this medium. The girl in the green dress painting is impressive and realistic. Check out some of his paintings below:


girl and flower painting





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