Figurative Oil Paintings By David Jon Kassan

David Jon Kassan was born in Arkansas in 1977. He is a realistic figurative painter who is known for contemporary oil paintings. His subjects often have a unique touch of reality. Most of his portraits are females with abstract backgrounds and diverse textures.

With subjects ranging from abstract to real, David crafts artistic talent on canvas. According to him, painting is the best way to realize the value of world around him. With deep observations, he paints naturalistic emotions in an amazing manner. His portrait paintings are popular for its real look that is achieved with perfect skin tone and colors. Use of detailed techniques help him achieve perfection in his paintings. David Jon Kassan DVDs are helpful for those beginners in oil painting to understand portrait painting with step-by-step video lessons.

He explains clearly to use color, value, strokes and texture in his videos. It is important to analyze  color transitions from one area to other. He has studied muscular movements and human anatomy in detail. This knowledge is clearly outlined in his paintings. Use of pigments in a layered fashion given a deep look of flesh and skin. He makes use of iPad to study sketches and his iPad paintings are quite popular in the art  world. Here are some of the selected works of this great portrait artist.

David Jon Kassan Paintings










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