Floral Oil Paintings by Széchenyi Szidónia

Floral oil paintings are often the solid representation of colors that gives a refreshing feel. The use of rich colors that define flowers and their beauty makes this specialized branch of oil painting different. The oil paint is a medium which is largely used by artists to create great paintings that resist time. People who love art sometimes look into colleges so they can learn the skills to paint beautiful things like this. Oil paintings are something that many people enjoy.

Most of the art lovers prefer floral oil paintings as it stands more close to the nature. When you have some idea about flowers and their color combination, you can try a floral painting. So if you decide to give a try in this field, make sure that you search the works of different floral artists so that you will get a clear idea about the nature of these paintings. Here I am outlining the works of the famous Hungarian artist Széchenyi Szidónia

Szechenyi Szidonia

Szechenyi Szidonia  is a Hungarian contemporary oil paint artist. She is born in 1965 in Kiskunfelegyhaza. The love for art and paintings visited her mind very soon. Although she started her career in a different field, but the passion of art outweighed her interests. Her fresh and beautiful floral still lifes are known world-wide.

After graduation, Szechenyi Szidonia worked in the health sector, the attraction to art outweighed her career interests. she began to collect books related to painting and it was her husband and artist István Széchenyi who inspired her the most. After watching her husband’s work, she reached the right track.
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