Floral Oil Paintings By Vie Dunn Harr

Vie Dunn Harr (1953) is an amazing floral painting artist. She was born in Texas (USA). Her artistic abilities are focused on crafting unique oil paintings that portrait the natural beauty of flowers. The artistic abilities of this artist starting to sprout in the early days of her childhood.

Vie Dunn Harr Biography

She completed her art studies in Florence, Italy at the famous Lorenzo de Medici Instituto de Arte the next phase at the Toblach-Dobbiaco Academia Italia.  Her style is often termed as a derrivative of formalism. She got much of her early artistic experience from the customary school and continued to use that style throughout. Her works are natural patterns rooted in architectural features. She is a contemporary realist and has exhibit floral paintings throughout Mexico,  USA and Europe.

Flowers are a great topic for oil painting. It gives a wide chance to paint different floral patterns. The way she paint petals, leaves and its background gives a mesmerizing feel to the artwork. Her works gives a feeling of dream and beauty in the same dimension. She is a contemporary realistic artist who paints figurative subjects, landscapes, architecture and floral paintings. Her realistic approach is evident from the landscape paintings.

Orchids are her favourite subject to paint. Her palette is a blend of vibrant colors like chrome yellow, violet and sap green. The background strokes give a dream-line touch to the work. Her magnolia painting with bright yellow background gives a distinct look to the painting. She has participated in several exhibitions countrywide.

The way she paint orchids and lillies are truly amazing. The use of vibrant colors add a special tone of beauty. There are only few artists who are focused on the topic of flowers. Vie Dunn Harr is one among them. Check out some of her paintings below:

Vie Dunn Harr Floral Oil Paintings









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