Giuseppe Muscio Hyper Realistic Paintings

Giuseppe-MuscioGiuseppe Muscio is a famous Italian artist who is known for hyper realistic oil paintings of flowers and still lives. He was born in a the small town of Orta Nova, Apulia. He realized that his life was meant for art and wished to become an artist at an early age. He tried to outline objects that he saw into canvas. Giuseppe learned painting techniques from 16th, 17th and 18th century masters. He used several scientific methods to explore painting techniques. His hyper-realistic oil paintings are breathtakingly amazing. His oil paintings are exhibited throughout famous galleries in US, Japan, Italy and England.

He met famous artists like Guttuso, De Chirico and several others. Muscio went to their painting studios and studied their techniques. This helped him to polish his painting skills. His subjects include fruits, flowers, nudes and bottles that are kept in low light places or traditional tables. He was more attracted to painting objects in a realistic way. He love to approach his paintings in a poetical way which is often beyond imagination. Giuseppe-Muscio-biographyHe has won several awards for his paintings. Muscio is one of the best still life painters till today. He is also one among the popular Italian oil painting artists. His works are widely collected by art lovers around the world. Paintings of roses and sea shells are quite notable in his portfolio. The way he paints often demands lot of patience and skill.

Other than painting, he is passionate about music. Once he met a famous drummer at Milan and wished to study Jazz. He was good at playing drums and needed no classes. But he attended classes of famous drummers and worked as a drummer. Giuseppe Muscio paintings are quite famous as it belongs to “Realism”. His paintings often compete with photographs! Here are some of the selected paintings of this artist.

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