Famous Grape Paintings On Canvas

Grape paintings make a beautiful addition to any living space. It is a favorite subject for many famous artists. Since 18th century, this topic is widely appreciated. Most of the artists preferred adding grapes to their still life works.

Paintings of grapes are often visually pleasing and attractive. What is the driving force in these works? I think the magical purple-blue color hides the mystery. The beauty of purple color is evident from a grape painting. While painting, each grape balls are carefully painted so that the final work gets a three dimensional effect. The underlying grape balls often demand a diverse tone pattern. In this subject, giving proper light and shade is very crucial. The real technique is proportional to how much the artist succeeded in adjusting shadows and color values.

How to paint grapes

Mixing color for grape is often tough for a beginner in this domain.  There are several ways to mix paint to obtain the magical purple color. We usually assume red + blue=purple. But mixing these paints ends up in dark maroon or grayish purple. It is because the red paint you take may contain yellow and orange pigments. Selecting a true color is the key to obtain perfect results on your palette. Also, it is better to avoid blue with greenish tones.

  • Add more blue paint to the mix to get a purple with violet touch.
  • For red undertones, it is recommended to add more red (Vermillion Hue)
  • To make the mix lighter, you can add white color. Similarly add black color to get a dark shade.
  • For a dark lavender color, add both black and white to the purple mix

There are step by step grape painting videos and lessons available online that help to get a clear understanding. If you are planning a still life with grapes, make sure that the center of focus is the grapes alone. Most of the artists set up still life samples live as a reference. Even though there are different oil painting techniques, alla prima (wet-on-wet) method is widely used. In this method, wet paint is applied over underlying wet layers.

As an addition, it would be amazing to add dew drops to the grapes at the final stage of work. While painting drops, make sure that each drop follows the color tone of underlying grape. Thus there will be different colors on dews too.

Here are some selected famous grape paintings for your inspiration. Enjoy! 🙂

Famous Grape Paintings

Ning Lee paintings-grapeStill Life With Grapes – Carducius Plantagenet Ream (1837-1917) paint-grapesRobert Hannafordrealistic-grape-paintingsGeorge Lockwoodgrape-yard-paintingCarmen Beechergrape-paintingsChristopher Clarkfamous-grape-paintingsJohn Elwood Bundy(1898)grape-still-life

George Henry Hallfamous-grapes-painting

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