Hyperrealistic Drawings By Paul Cadden

Paul Cadden is a promising name in the field of hyper-realistic drawing. He is known for his graphite/pencil drawings which look exactly like photographs. Paul is born in Scotland in 1964. Since the age of 6, he exhibited great talent in drawing with pencil.

Photorealism and hyperrealism are terms that are popular in the world of art. Photorealism is more inclined towards technical details whereas the other deals with emotional elements to a greater extent. According to Paul Cadden, he focuses on taking photographs of everyday life activities and selects one with an emotional background as the subject for his drawing.

His artwork has been highly appreciated by Art magazine,  Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts and other popular art galleries worldwide. Below are some of the famous graphite pencil drawings created by Paul.

Paul Cadden Drawings:


The details in this drawing are really amazing !! He was shortlisted as the Best Artist of the year2011 for this drawing. In the above drawing, you can see how perfectly he did the hair and beard.


A look at this drawing makes you think for a while. The first question is how to create such a realistic drawing with pencil. Each drop of water is carefully drawn with incredible details!


This one is not a photograph !!!!! Yes, it is a pencil drawing. The way the artist did the background details, the smoke, road and everything on the paper is just more than amazing.




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