John McCartin

John McCartin Realistic Landscape Paintings

John McCartin is an Australian artist who is known for realistic floral and cattle paintings. He is an award winning artist who paints amazing subjects in oil. One of his work named “Golden Delight” sets the true example of how light can be used effectively in a painting. The painting was a scene from a village in England. The rays of sunlight and grass on the fields are perfectly captured in his works. We can call it as a “romantic landscape” that takes the spectators’ mind to a new world. Here is a self-portrait of this famous artist.


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John McCartin Paintings


Although he started to paint in a younger age, he entered into the world of full time painting only in 2002. John was not trained in the field of art. He developed his skill through practice and hard work. He also tried to understand the painting techniques of famous artists like Arthur Streeton, Richard Schmid, Hans Heysen and Elioth Gruner.

He received multitudes of International awards in 2014 for his cattle paintings. Landscape paintings, floral and still life paintings of John McCartin artist is exhibited in galleries worldwide. Most of his works are known for intense realism and liveliness. He uses special color tones to make an illusion of glowing light. Here are some of the selected cattle paintings and floral works of this great artist.





John McCartin



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