Jos van Riswick Still Life Paintings

Jos van Riswick paintings are the perfect example of realistic still life paintings. He graduated in physics and choose a career in science. But later he realized his passion for art and tried to learn painting himself. Jos Van is a self-taught Dutch artist who took PhD in Electrical Engineering!  It is surprising to find that border between science and art.


Jos van Riswick Biography

He started practicing the painting style of expressionists and impressionists at the beginning. But later he come to know about Dutch realistic painting techniques. He followed the methods of old masters like Caravaggio and Vermeer. He made use of certain optical devices like cameras and hollow mirrors for painting. He loves to paint still life subjects in a realistic manner. Jos was highly influenced by Rembrandt painting style.

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He use masonite panels that are treated with four layers of acrylic paint as canvas. It gives a non-absorbent and smooth surface. But it is difficult to finish the work in a single session on such a panel. It demands at least two layer painting process. He uses digital photographs of the subjects before starting a painting. He takes several photos and selects the best image to work with. This helps to judge the color, weight and luminosity of the objects easily. Other than still life, Jos also prefer to make portrait paintings. His paintings of Pomgrenate, Apples and Cherries are quite realistic ! Here are some of the selected works of this Dutch artist.

Jos van Riswick Paintings








His modern realistic still life oil paintings of fruits and flowers are painted with finite details. He starts the work with a detailed pencil drawing. The first layer is done with oil paint diluted with turpentine. His website explains the painting technique in detail. The decay process is important in all the paintings.

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