Julius Klever Yulievich Landscape Paintings

Julius Klever Yulievich is a great Russian landscape painting artist who is known for amazing snowfall and nature paintings. Julius Klever was born on 19th January 1850 in Dorpat. His family realized his skills in art at his early age and decided to teach under professional guidance. He started studies under Carl Kyugelhen, who was a popular German artist of that time.  After high school, he joined St.Petersburg Academy of Arts to study architecture. It was due to pressure from his family members. Actually Julius did not like architecture and wanted to study painting. After one year, he submitted a request to change him to the landscape painting class.

Julius loved to paint in his own unique style. He was a student under the artists SM Vorobiev and MK Klodt. But he could not paint as he wished. He decided to leave the boring academic classes and to start a painting career alone. He conducted several exhibitions and came to main stream art in Russia. Important paintings include:

  • “Sunset”
  • “Before the Storm”
  • “Abandoned cemetery in winter”
  • “Winter view to Tsarskoye Selo”

His paintings of snow and Russian landscape paintings are realistic and beautiful with rich colors. I have selected some of the best paintings of this great artist. Have a look! 🙂

Julius Klever Yulievich Paintings:










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