Lori Putnam Impressionist Paintings


Lori Putnam was raised in a rural area in Tennessee.
Although she showed an early interest in painting and drawing, she did not fully understand her potential as an artist until much later. She attributes her vision and inventiveness to the many hours she spent as a small child amusing herself because there were no neighbors within miles.
She started the path toward what has become a lifetime dedication to art at the age of 35. Her love affair with the medium was sparked by the way oil paint felt, and she knew there was no going back. She and her husband Mark traveled to the Italian countryside in 2008 and 2009 after selling their house and belongings.
Putnam ran a prosperous graphic design company for 13 years until switching to fine art full-time in 2005. The bounds of Impressionism are pushed by painters who paint in a variety of techniques, from virtual realism to abstraction. The latter is more similar to Putnam’s work. She is often known for her Modern Impressionist paintings.

She accepted a position in 2019 as vice president of Art Ambassador for a Colorful World, and she frequently travels to work with kids in underprivileged areas. Her goal was clarified by these events. It is now obvious why I am on Earth, claims Putnam. My spirit is filled when I can make people smile and laugh in the midst of the worst situations. The American Art Collector Magazine, Plein Air Magazine, Southwest Art, Fine Art Connoisseur, and Art of the West have all highlighted Lori’s landscape paintings.

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