Magical Realism Paintings By Spanish Artist Alex Alemany

Alex Alemany is a Spanish artist who is known for his surrealistic paintings which are often categorized as “magical realism”. Alex was born on 5th January 1943 in Valencia. He joined Valencia School of arts and crafts to prepare for entering into San Carlos fine art academy. He joined the intended course in the next year. He went Paris in 1965 and explored the scope of contemporary methods. After three years, he joined the National Portrait Gallery in London to study further.

Gradually he developed his own painting style and started doing realistic paintings. Some of his works can be termed as “hyper-realistic” and some as “poetic”. Most of his paintings look “surreal” with a distinct theme painted in a different style. Alex Alemany paintings can be placed between art and literature. These Spanish paintings are emotionally rich and each one portrays strong feelings. I have selected few of his great works for my readers. Enjoy! 🙂

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Alex Alemany Paintings









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