Michael And Inessa Garmash Romantic Impressionist Oil Paintings

Michael and Inessa Garmash are great artists who are known for their romantic impressionist paintings. Impressionism is a popular art movement which is started by a few artists. Garmash started painting at a very early stage. By the age of 6, he started art education form the creative center. This Ukraine based artist painted several amazing impressionist paintings which amazed his teachers. Ms. Garmash was also a talented artist who was born in Russia. Today, both are considered as the best impressionist artists.

They started painting together after theirĀ  marriage. Their little kid was also interested in art filed. They are known for their romantic wedding paintings, guitar paintings, figurative oil paintings and other impressionist art works.

Here I have selected some of their popular paintings. Their works are collected across galleries worldwide. You could buy their paintings through galleries.

Michael And Inessa Garmash paintings








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