Michael Devore Paintings

Michael Devore is a realistic painting artist who is known for contemporary paintings. He was trained in the classical oil painting techniques. Michael was born in 1982 and spend his childhood in the city of Oklahoma. his talent in art was first discovered by his step grandmother. With seamless support from his family members, he won several awards at a young age. He completed degree in art from Malibu University. He traveled to Italy to study and explore the old masters techniques in painting.

He loves to paint several subjects including portraits, still life and landscape paintings. He is a member of The Portrait Society of America, The International Guild of Realism and Oil Painters of America. He has conducted several exhibitions around the globe.

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His still life paintings of grapes, fish and vessels are quite realistic. Here are some of the selected self portraits of this artist along with some still life works.

 Michael Devore Paintings

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