Figurative Oil Paintings By American Artist Daniel Gerhartz

Daniel Gerhartz  is a famous artist who is known for his idealistic figurative oil paintings. He was born in 1965 in Wisconsin. He is a skilled artist who often finds new arenas of color and aesthetic dreams. Most of his subjects show a sense of idealism which he often portrays with imaginative subjects.

Some of his landscape paintings evoke a special sense of beauty and imagination. The mood and unique lighting effect in his paintings give a divine sense  to the viewer. Daniel is one of the most popular figurative oil painting artists of United States. The female paintings of Daniel comes with unique and imaginary dresses that add a lace of idealism to the painting.

He was inspired by  European and Russian,masters including Anders Zorn,  John Singer Sargent and Carl Von Marr. He was also influenced by prominent instructors Bill Parks and Richard Schmid.
  • Studied art from The American Academy of Art, Chicago
  • He learned figure drawing with Bill Parks at The American Academy of Art
  • Won several awards including Nona Jean Hulsey-Buyer’s Choice Award,  National Cowboy Hall of Fame,  Robert Lougheed Award
  • Won the 1998 Silver Medal for Oil, 1993 Buyer’s Choice Award
  • Collections include West Bend Art Museum and 1989 Huntsville Museum of Art, permanent collection

Figurative Oil Paintings By American Artist Daniel Gerhartz












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