Oleg Shupliak-Famous Hidden Image Paintings

Oleg Shupliak is a famous artist who is known for his famous hidden image paintings. He is a Russian artist who paints oil portraits of popular people hidden in landscape drawings. These illusion paintings are the result of the creative ideas blended with artistic talent. He was born in Ukraine and the natural beauty of his place influenced him to a greater extend. He is an architecture graduate who later stepped into the world of painting.

We can tag his art as “Optical illusion” where different elements are combined artistically to craft amazing illusions. He portrays famous artists like Van Gogh, Jesus, Einstein etc in his canvas. His works take the spectators to the next level of thinking. In his paintings, one can see trees, mountains and other natural objects aligned perfectly to form portraits. We can also call it as “hidden images in paintings”.

Oleg Shuplyak Van Gogh painting is definitely a masterpiece of this great artist. His sparrow painting with tree leaves is the perfect example of his creativity. Here are some of the selected paintings of this artist.

Oleg Shuplyak Famous Hidden Image Paintings




Oleg Shuplyak






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