Famous Paintings Of Mother and Child

Paintings of mother and child is quite common in the 19th century galleries. These famous oil paintings will definitely nourish your mind. Motherhood is the most beautiful stage in the life of a woman. Portraying her emotions and love to the child on canvas is a tough task! But most of the master artists loved to paint this subject. It may be the extensive opportunities of emotional elements in such a subject that made them choose it. Here I have coined a list of famous paintings of mother and child by the most popular artists.

Paintings Of Mother and Child

Adolphe Jourdan (1825 – 1889)

He was a french artist who was known for his female figurative paintings. His famous works include “Innocence”, “Mothers Embrace”, “Maternal Affection” and “The Games of Summer”.mother-baby-paintingsHan Wu Shen

Shen was an established Chinese artist who was born in 1950. He studied art from Hubei Fine Art Institute. He took specialization in oil painting with a realistic style. Most of his works reflects the life of Chinese countrysides. mother-love-paintingsMorgan Weistling

He is an American artist who was born in 1964. His father was a former art student and he trained Morgan at an early stage. painting-mother-babyMeadow Gistmother-and-child-paintingsVicente Romero Redondopaintings-of-mother-and-childWilliam Adolphe Bouguereau19-century-paintingsAntoni Piotrowski Antoni-Piotrowski Robert Coombs baby-paintings

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