Paul Cezanne Still Life Oil Paintings

Paul Cezanne (1830-1906) was an eminent French oil painting artist who can be regarded as a “post-impressionism” master. Paul Cezanne still life paintings have marked the clear bridge between impressionism and cubism. He is considered as a master by other famous artists of that period.

He was born in Southern France. His father started a banking firm and it developed gradually so that he enjoyed a good financial status.

Cezanne and Impressionism

He met Camille Pissarro, who was an Impressionist master of that time. It was his influence that made the young Cezanne fall into the world of art. His period of work can be classified as:

  • Dark period(1861–1870)
  • Impressionist period(1870–1878)
  • Mature period(1878–1890)
  • Final period(1890–1905)

His paintings (still life) and fruits are quite appreciated by the artist community. His works are characterized with unique and clear brushstrokes. He studied his subjects in detail before painting. It was evident from his works.

Paul Cezanne Paintings Still Life

Cezanne still life with Apples



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