Plein Air Paintings By Kevin Courter

Kevin Courter was born in Palo Alto in 1964. He was grown up in California and enjoyed the scenic beauty of his place to a greater extend. The appealing landscapes and vineyards made him a popular plein air painting artist of California. Most of his paintings directly reflect the influence of natural beauty and his surroundings. According to Kevin, The result of a quick painting is the ability to capture the atmosphere of the moment.

Kevin was highly influenced by the paintings of Russel Chatham, Sam Hyde Harris, Wilson Hurley etc. He is often titled as a “tonalist” beacause of his painting style. He uses negative space in an intelligent manner. One of the unique aspect of his paintings is use of local color with ample light, mood and color. He has participated in several art events and conducted multitudes of exhibitions across the country. Kevin is a popular plein air painting artist with amazing skills. His paintings shows unique composition and texture in a novel look. he has won several prestigious awards including:

  • Selected as “Best of Show”, 2006 Carmel Art Festival. Carmel, CA
  • 1st Place, 2006 Plein Air Affaire, Best Wet Painting, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Windsor-Newton Award

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