Ramon Pujol Spanish Oil Paintings

Ramon Pujol is a Spanish oil painting artist who was born in 1947. His realistic landscape paintings are known for realism and natural look. He got encouragement and guidance from his family at an early age. He was lucky enough to study art under the famous artist Luis Carbonel,  Barnadas, Collellmir and Gussinye. He loves the painting styles of artists like Ganguin, Cezanne, Monet and Manet. He gives special emphasis on opacity, light and colors in a particular scene. At the starting phase, he concentrated on using knife for painting. Later he started using brushes.

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ramon-pujolThe painting technique of Ramon makes him stand apart from other artists. He has received several gold medals and awards in Spain and France. He is not interested to paint abstract themes. According to him, each painting should be able to establish a bond between the spectator and the artist. He loves to explore different natural locations in Europe and his love for traveling is clearly evident from his works.

He has conducted several art exhibitions in and around Europe. His paintings of boats and reflections on water is known for its amazing beauty. Here I have selected some of his best paintings.

Ramon Pujol Paintings









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