Realistic Landscape Paintings by Evgeny Lushpin

Evgeny Lushpin is a landscape and cityscape artist who was born in Moscow (1966). His oil paintings are the best representation of realism. The way he paints snow and water itself shows the talent in this great artist.

Evgeny Biography:

  • Completed studies in art from MGPU and  Moscow State University of Arts.
  • Follows the better sides of European and Russian art.
  • He is attracted by old master techniques and imaginative art.
  • Favorite artists include Andrew Wyeth, Edward Hopper, Piter Bruegel etc

Lushpin’s favorite subject for painting is landscape and he excelled in painting realistic landscapes and cityscape paintings. He is actually a master in visualizing such ideas. Most of his paintings includes scenes from cities like San Francisco, Amsterdam etc. His works usually include evening sunlight, foggy climate, snow and snow covered house paintings.

He is a gifted Moscow artist who can be considered as a popular Russian artist. His favorite work is titled as “First star” which outlines an evening landscape. Lushpin’s works are highly appreciated and can be seen in several private collections across the globe.

Evgeny Lushpin Paintings




evgeny-lushpin-printsRainy Eveningcityscape-paintings






evgeny-lushpinAutumn in an Old Park


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