Realistic Landscape Paintings By Kirichenko Gennadiy

Kirichenko Gennadiy was born on 16th May 1968 in Ukraine.  His realistic landscape paintings are known for its natural and attractive look. His father was a chauffeur and mother working in a bread baking company. Ukraine landscape painting art can be best outlined by his works. Kirichenko Gennadiy paintings are the perfect example for realism. He loves to paint trees and natural scenes.

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It was his father who inspired him to learn the art of painting. During his childhood days, he saw artists working plein air. He was amazed to see how an artist painted a bark of tree with minute details. During Gennadiy’s school time, he attended art classes in his school. It was the initial stage of his art study. He joined children’s art school to pursue his studies in painting. He worked in several fields like art gallery director, sales manager, graphic designer, sales manager etc. Whenever he got free time, he loved to paint. He became a full time artist from 2000 onwards. Kirichenko is more interested in doing still life and landscape paintings.

Gennadiy Kirichenko loves to do plein air paintings of landscapes in a realistic manner. He often tries to achieve maximum color accuracy, perfect tone and mood of the nature without comprising on its character and state.

Realistic Landscape Paintingskirichenko-gennadiy









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