Realistic Tiger and Leopard Paintings

Wildlife art is a rich branch of art which deals with painting wild animals. Let us have a look at tiger and leopard paintings crafted with various mediums including oil, watercolor, pastel and acrylics. When you paint tiger, the most important part is how you deal with details- the fur, eye, hair etc.

There are different subspecies of tiger including Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, Sumatran tiger, Indochinese tiger etc. Each subspecies has its own unique features. Here you can see the paintings of different kinds of tigers found in diverse geographical regions.

Mostly tigers are characterized with black lines on golden yellow body. So when painting a tiger, these lines should be handled well so that it looks natural and realistic. In the case of painting leopards, the focus is given on the dots and eyes. The first painting shown here is done by Sue Warner, who is a popular wildlife artist. The medium of painting is acrylic on canvas. Another notable artist is Nathan Bye who creates magical wildlife paintings with pastel. Eric Wilson, Robbie Graham, Elize, Kat Davies, Jason Morgan and Julia Ruffles.

Tiger paintings on canvas:

Acrylic tiger painting by Sue-warner

Sue-warnerNathan Bye (pastel painting)tiger-painting Elize Bezuidenhout (Acrylic painting)leopard-paintingTiger by David-Drousiotis  (Oil painting)

tiger-paintingRobbie Graham (Gouache)


tiger-oil-paintingRobbie-Graham (Gouache)


tiger-cub-paintingNathan Bye (Pastel)

Nathan-byetiger-watercolor-painting-Julia-Ruffles (Watercolor)

Julia-RufflesKat Davies

Kat-DaviesEric Wilson




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