Stunning Realistic Tree Paintings By An Jung Hwan

An Jung Hwan(1978-) is known for his realistic tree paintings on canvas. If you have ever thought of painting tree leaves or branches, his paintings will amaze you! To paint a tree in oil, you need clear understanding about the tree structure and anatomy. You need sharp observation about the different layers, how branches are placed and the texture. To make a painting realistic, the artist require a good balance between texture and light. Layer by layer painting technique need to be carefully exercised.

Artist Bio

An Jung Hwan was born in 1978 in Korea. He studied painting and took BFA from the Keimyung University. Hid did several solo exhibitions in Korea. Here are some of the selected paintings by this artist.

Realistic Tree Paintings By An Jung Hwan

Look at this painting. It shows how the layers are arranged beautifully to get a beautiful landscape perspective. Dark shades of green add to the realistic touch of background trees. Light shades of green can be obtained by mixing sap green and lemon yellow.

Sap green+Lemon yellow=Yellowish green



Painting foliage is a time consuming process. It demands patience and skill in the right blend. Use of bristle brushes and fine pointed brushes help to achieve the realistic touch of leaves. When painting leaves, the challenge is getting the perfect texture. It also require great observation about how leaves are arranged on a tree.painting-tree-leaves


Most of the paintings look like a photograph! The painting technique demands lot of time. Since he focus on details carefully, each of his works require several weeks to complete. painting-landscape-tips





An Jung Hwan realistic tree paintings stay very close to nature. Trees are an important element in his landscape works. As a Korean artist, his paintings shows the natural beauty of Korea to a greater extend. His unique style of using bright colors make him a distinct realistic artist.


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