Realistic Watercolor Fish Paintings

Are you interested in painting marine life? Today, I came across some beautiful fish paintings in watercolor. Here I am sharing these paintings with my readers. Fish is a beautiful subject to paint. But it requires some understanding of the specific characteristics of each type of fish you are planning to paint. With a creative color palette, one can easily achieve the best shades for the fish. When you prefer to have realistic work, more focus is needed on the details of the subject including fins and tail.

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Herring fish watercolor paintingfish-painting-artist


Rainbow Trout by Jesssica Andriany




Pumpkinseed Sunfish
8.5″ X  13″
Watercolor On Paperaquatic-art

Kadantseva Natalia

She is a watercolor artist who is more popular on the Instagram platform. Her painting of fighter fish is done only with very few colors. Blue is the prominent one here with a pinch of purple.


Yusei Nagashima

He is a Japanese artist known for his beautiful watercolor paintings of fish. He grew up in a place with lots of aquatic life around. He was always fascinated by the types and colors of different fish. I think it is quite natural that he became a fish artist who loved to paint fishes.

Yusei Nagashima got a website where he adds a fish painting every Friday. Whenever he posts a painting, he includes a write-up of his memory with that particular fish. Fish is a subject that demands many characteristics. He closely studies each fish before making a watercolor painting of it.




“Cutthroat Trout II”

Trout watercolor painting by artist David J Rogers.

David J Rogers always loved to paint aquatic life. His fish paintings are realistic and include a lot of detail about the subject. Many artists love to paint trout. This one seems to have lot of life in it!


Rukiye Garip

Her paintings are amazingly realistic and involve a lot of skill. This fish painting in watercolor is definitely a signature work of the artist.


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