Stunning Pencil Drawings of Eyes

If you are looking for “pencil drawings of eyes” or “realistic eye drawing techniques”, this article would be your best friend. We all can probably draw eyes, but achieving a realistic effect is a complex task for many among us. I suggest you to study the basic elements first before you attempt the realistic method. The way you draw the eyelashes and the retina plays an important role in giving a realistic look.

The initial step to successful drawing with pencil is to control your pencil, so that each and every stroke is made with utmost care and perfection. Check out the below collection of amazing human eye pencil drawings!

Pencil Drawings of Eyes:


pencil drawing eyesMusicgurl

eyes drawing graphiteRoxana1890

graphite eye drawingRasberry6

realistic eyes drawingAndybuck

detailed eye drawing

eye-realisticVK oelala

tears pencil drawing

eye pencil darwing Humble Pencil Graphite art

realistic eyeMarcos Rey


realistic human eyes

amazing list of pencil drawing eyesVitaliano Campione

eyes drawing

Marion Schubert

realistic eye drawingFaith Te

graphite eyes drawingBobby

female eye drawingsKatreeona


draw eyesMarcos Rey

pencil-drawings-of-eyesPeter Charles Thorne

realistic human eye drawingEl Art Se

eye pencil drawingsDiego Koi

realistic pencil drawing eyes


graphite drawing eyes


Rosemary Palmer Ryan

colored pencil eye drawing


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