Surrealist paintings by Spanish Artist Salvador Dali

Salvador Dalí (1904 -1989) was a famous surrealist artist born in Spain. He was a talented drafts-man who was known for his surrealistic paintings. It was an artistic movement which was started in early 1920s. It raises a clear question between reality and dream. Most of the works showed a photographic perfection but with confusing scenes. The artworks had an element of doubt and surprise in equal amounts. This movement was closely related to the philosophical movement that araised in the same era.

He used high-level symbolism in his paintings. He was highly influenced by the Renaissance masters. “The Persistence of Memory” is considered as his best work which was completed in 1931.The use of watches in this painting is closely related to Einstein’s theory that time is not fixed and is relative in nature.

Dali was equally talented in photography and sculpture. Dali is considered as one of the pioneers in Surrealism. He was amazingly imaginative and outlined serious thoughts through his paintings. His public actions were more attention grabbing than his paintings.

These are some of the selected Surrealist paintings of Dali.

Salvador Dali paintings


Salvador Dalí-artist



Salvador Dalí-painting




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