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Watercolor Paintings Of Birds

Watercolor bird paintings are often a source of inspiration to beginners in this domain. Birds are a beautiful subject for watercolor painting. The color rich nature of birds can be best outlined with this medium. Here are some of the realistic and beautiful paintings by popular artists around the globe.

How to paint birds:

If you are planning to paint a bird in watercolor, it is recommended that you observe the characteristics of a bird in detail. You may paint a hen, peacock, duck, crow or any other type of bird. Each bird has its own unique features. Some birds have more feathers, some are small in size, some birds have long tail and some others have long beaks.

First you start with a basic outline of a bird. Paint the first layer and then progress to the details. Look at each of the examples shown below so that you will great an idea of how different birds can be painted in watercolor. Here we have featured some of the best artists who paint birds with watercolor. You may go through their respective websites for more information.

Featured Watercolor Artists:

Richard Johnson

He is one of the most popular wildlife artists who is specialized in painting birds. He started painting from his childhood and was particularly interested in birds. His watercolor paintings shows the talent and perfectionism of this artist. Here are some of his beautiful bird paintings including penguin, sea birds etc. His works have been featured in various prestigious journals.

Watercolor Paintings Of Birds


richard johnson artist

bird paintings

penguin paintings

Sue Lynn Cotton

pelican paintingRita sklarcane-watercolor

bird paintingSue van coppenhagen

Sue is an artist from South Africa who is focused on watercolor medium for painting. She love to experiment with colors and create beautiful paintings that are close to nature.



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Louise DeMasi

Don EdwardsDon-edwards-artist


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