Watercolour Paintings By Australian Artist Joe Cartwright

Joe Cartwright is an Australian watercolor artist who is known for his amazing watercolor paintings of landscapes, seascapes, cityscape and boat paintings. He has done a series of Venice paintings, Australian landscape paintings and street scenes. Joe is a self-taught artist and was influenced by artists like Alvaro, Greg Allen and Joseph. He offers detailed workshops and classes for budding artists.  Joe’s watercolor paintings are rich with a serene flow and natural beauty. It is often difficult to achieve perfection with watercolor. But Joe’s 14 years experience with this tough medium made him a master!

He is the owner of a popular art website “paintingwithwatercolors“. This is a step by step watercolor lesson website for students. Joe also takes weekly watercolor lessons at Nepean art society (Western Sydney). I have selected very few of his popular paintings here. All his paintings outline a bold use of colors.

Joe Cartwright Paintings

Australian Landscape Painting


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