Paintings by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

William Bouguereau was an eminent French academic painter. He was a born traditionalist whose paintings were modern style  interpretations of classical art subjects with strong emphasis on human body, especially female body. He was known for photo-realistic paintings and he demonstrated his ability to draw during his childhood days. Bouguereau techniques and style are often a great inspiration to art lovers. His famous paintings include:

  • Bouguereau birth of Venus
  • Nymphs and satyr

Bouguereau Paintings

Early Paintings(1950s)

Bouguereau blended subject matter and artistic poses with realism specially to create a touch of romantic realism in his paintings. He shifted his focus from genre and historic scenes to unique mythological subjects during late 1970s.He was awarded numerous state commissions during his artistic career and he taught at the cole des Beaux Arts and Academie Julian arts.

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