Amazing Winter Paintings By Famous Artists

Winter paintings became common after the Renaissance period. It is a special time of the year with a cold climate. It is the nature that paints the trees, homes, and ground with beautiful snow. From an artist’s point of view, it is a bit challenging and interesting to portray the soft white snow on the canvas.


Compared to Autumn and Summer, Winter is rarely taken as a subject for painting in the west. This season is characterized by snowfall, white trees, and snow-covered roads. Many artists who live in cold areas paint beautiful snow-scapes. Winter landscape paintings are closely related with Christmas activities. Here I have handpicked some of the best winter paintings from famous artists around the globe.

Winter Paintings

Michael Malm

Michael Malm is a gifted artist who is famous for the impressionistic style of works. He experiments with different subjects and styles. This Utah born artist loves to paint figurative paintings more. Check out his paintings here.



Sergey Volkov

He was basically a Plein air artist who was influenced by impressionism and classical Russian landscape paintings. Most of the Russian artists loved to paint winter landscapes. Here is a selected winter street painting by Sergey Volkov.

paintings-winterOleg Platinwinter-landscape-paintingRichard Macneil

He is a self-taught artist who worked in different areas of art including painting, sculpture and creative graphics. Winter streets are covered with snow, making beautiful sceneries. He loved to paint this natural beauty on the canvas.

winter-painting-artistMiroslaw Scheib

He was a Romantic Cityscape artist who experimented with different painting patterns. Here is a winter sunset painting by Miroslaw.

winter-tree-paintingsMarek Czczepaniekwinter-home-paintingsYuri Obukhovskywinter-landscape-painting

christmas-paintingsRobert Duncanwinter-children-painting

A Snowy Winter Landscape Painting Video by Chuck Black Art

Frosty Winter Morning Painting Video By Bob Ross

Painting Winter Trees and Moss Video By Michael James Smith

Ever wondered about how to paint winter trees? Here is an amazing photorealistic tree painting video by artist Michael James Smith.

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