Nostalgic Oil Paintings Of Grandparents

Paintings of grandparents always carry an emotional and nostalgic element. Grandfather paintings in oil by artist Daniel F.Gerhartz is a perfect example at this point. While painting portraits or family subjects, it is the facial expressions and emotions that makes the work more realistic. To achieve the communicative feel in the painting, most of the artists  paint selective family subjects.

Painting an everyday scene is an easy subject always. But when it comes to implementing the idea, it is often tedious to get all the elements in right proportion. Trying to paint our own childhood days would be very much exciting and refreshing. Every attempt to recollect old memories often leave us with a gentle smile. Most of the prominent artists have painted family subjects. Old master paintings of grandparents are quite popular in the art domain. Here are some of the selected paintings by famous artists.

Oil Paintings Of Grandparents

Gaetano Bellei

He was a master artist who was born in 1857 in Modena. His paintings are known for its unique and soft colors. His major works include “Four seasons” and “the virgin mother”. Bellei was a great portraitist of that time.


oil-painting-oldDaniel F.Gerhartz

He was born in 1965 in Wisconsin. He discovered his interest in art during his childhood days. Most of his works earned recognition and was exhibited in national galleries. Hi award winning works include “Dream Lake”, “Coffee” and “Jennifer”. His painting technique and way of handling light make his works attractive. Textured effect makes his painting style different. It is hence easy to identify his paintings in a gallery. The flesh tones and contrasting backgrounds in portrait works makes it amazingly impressive. Most of the works are quick sketches developed into paintings.Paintings-of-grandparentsDaniel F.Gerhartzpainting-grandmotherMorgan Weistling

Morgan was always noted for his life-touching paintings. He was inspired by his artistic parents. His father was an artist and met his mom at art school. He started art training when he was 19 months old! His father was the first art teacher who gave a solid foundation in the subject. He worked as a Hollywood illustrator for several years before selecting an artistic career. To his surprise, all the paintings in his exhibition were sold in the opening night! Morgan paintings are characterized with soft brush strokes and vivid colors.

Morgan-WeistlingFrederick Browngrandma-paintingsAlfredo Rodriguezgrandfather-paintingsHarriet Backer grandma-paintingsEugenio Zampighi

Eugenio is a famous artist who was always noted for his thematic oil paintings. The painting below literally takes us to our childhood days. It is packed with emotions and is a perfect example for grandmother Schlesingerpainting-grandparents

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