Photorealistic Food Paintings of Luigi Benedicenti

Luigi Benedicenti is an eminent photorealistic artist from Italy who is known for his photo-realistic food paintings. His paintings surpassed the limits of reality with highly improved techniques and fine details. The Luigi paintings are packed with rich colors and real-life shades.

Photo-realism is a specialized branch of art where the artist develops a painting by referring photographs.  If you are amazed about  photo-realistic art, you have to take the photograph of the desired topic. It is based on this photograph you are going to paint on canvas. This art is all about the smooth application of skills and demands a lot of hard work to create a photorealistic painting.

The paintings of Luigi Benedicenti were rooted deeply into the old still-life values of Europe. But he developed his own unique style which was often called as “extreme realism”. His oil paintings were the actual representation of contemporary Italian patisserie, drinks, and ice creams. Luigi’s style and multicolored reflections in the paintings were the results of superior skill and years of hard work.

Some of his realistic paintings are available at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery. Check out some of the photorealistic food paintings here:

Luigi Benedicenti Paintings

luigi benedicenti

photorealistic art











luigi benedicenti

luigi benedicenti

luigi benedicenti

Luigi Benedicenti’s paintings offers a visual treat with yummy and delicious Italian food subjects.  It is hard to believe these are paintings. Right? But, it is true that these are paintings!!


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