Easy Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists

In the fastest and smartest world of technology, social media is emerging enormously with various trends and regular updates. It’s not a big deal anymore to introduce or promote your art around the world especially for artists across the world. The social media platforms are tremendously holding the internet and online trading market. These social media platforms are actual bolts in the ship of online advertisement, launching, and then sustaining its popularity.


These steps of selling arts online today pave the path of earnings through massive recognition over the world. Yet sometimes new Artists in this scenario fail to implement their best strategies into their art marketing. For which some top-pinned strategies are discussed that can best help an artist to get their insights higher.

  • DeviantArt
  • Pinterest
  • Coroflot
  • Behance
  • Dribbble
  • Threadless
  • ArtStation
  • Tumblr

Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists

Post frequently:

Prepare a blueprint of all the steps you’ve in your mind, and post according to that. But, posting frequently doesn’t mean overdoing it. Give some time to your audience and followers to see and encourage your art. Nowadays, Facebook and Instagram are loaded with craft videos which people enjoy watching them. Post at least 4-5 times a week adhering to the quality of things that people want to see. Keep your ART-content unique and well organized with all the required specifications.

What is your art about? Find a platform Where You Want to Post your art!!

It can be quite difficult to acquire growth on all the social media sites from scratch. Find the best place to publish your art. Find the perfect audience for your creative work!

> Try to use Hashtags that are popular in your domain on social media. You can tag each post with hashtags that will bring more audience to your post.

Sometimes bragging is good :

Boasting or bragging, whatever name you give, but showing off your accomplishments and celebrating your success goes a long way in promoting your art. Use platform like Linkedin and Facebook to announce your achievements and awards. It can not only bring credibility to your art but will also deliver you some potential buyers.

Be presentable :

When you are in the art industry, being visually attractive becomes really essential. Always make sure of the quality of your ART and the images you pick to promote your art online as they bring much more grace to the public interface. Instagram is a treat for artists. Uploading pleasing photos and videos of your art is your way towards attracting more audience. However, to increase your engagements don’t forget to tag a relevant source/history of the Art that add value to your content, and make viewers understand more evidently.

Market your artwork

You can market your artwork through popular social media platforms.



  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

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Don’t forget to be more social after getting into the pond of art marketing as this deadly gives you business by consistently following the other social sites and surfing. It will enhance your online visibility and accelerate the ranking of your art as well.

To convert your audience as your customer you need to bring a concise and conventional title to your art piece that positively hit the minds of viewers. Get your art in the pool of more such websites through linking it by addressing the backlinks on other sites as well. With all the given terms always keep yourself updated with new techniques and strategies to sustain over the internet.

Unresistingly, social media is changing its faces every day so we need to cope up with the pace of updated strategies and techniques. Where there are some best media platforms and other techniques still sometimes they won’t give you the expected results. So take up other best options to outreach your prospects for your ART and BUSINESS.

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