Award Winning Paintings-Still Life By Portrait Society of America

Enjoy this collection of award winning paintings from the 2016 members-only competition by Portrait Society of America. Competition was held in different categories including portraits, still life, landscape, non-commissioned portraits and commissioned portraits.

I have featured the still-life painting category here. The contest had a great participation with more than 1800 entries. Almost all the works were above the standard bar. The judgement in the still-life section was quite tough with such quality entries. The winners were selected by the jury team based on several factors. The subject, presentation, color values and technique was given special importance during the judgement.

Award Winning Paintings

1st Place-Todd Casey
Against the Wind, 36×28″, Oil
Cortlandt Manor, New York

Todd M. Casey won the first prize in still-life category. He was born and bought up in Massachusetts. Todd started his career as a graphic designer. He has won several awards for his still-life works. His paintings are the true example of classical realism. Most of his subjects include ships, journeys, vegetables and globe.

award winning paintings2nd Place –Joke Frima
Eternal Return, 19.6×35.4″, Oil
Driebergen, Utrecht

She was born in 1952 in Hague. Joke’s paintings are mainly based on vegetables. She paints pumpkins, lotus flowers and variety of nature friendly topics. Beautiful color composition and fine backgrounds makes her work unique.

award-winning-painting3rd Place
Matteo Caloiaro
Dish Strainer, 24×24″, Oil
Matteo won the third place with a great subject. The technique and brush strokes are powerful.

4th Place
Katherine McNenly
Mixer and Bowl, 22×28″, Oil
5th Place
Catherine Mills
Letters to a Daughter, 16 x 22″, Oil
Whitby, Ontario
Wow! I love this painting. The subject is well portrayed and beautifully painted.
Lin Mei
Memory, 12×18″, oil on metal
award-winning-art7th Place
Joseph Daily
Still Life with Plumcots, 12×24″, Oil
Vestal, New Yorkbest-still-life-painting8th Place
Vicki Blum
Peony Cascade, 24×30″, Oil
peony-paintings9th Place
Marc Chatov
The Ol’ Coffee Mill, 21×27″, oil
Rutledge, GAoil-painting-jar

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