Dress Paintings By Romanian Artist Viktor Schramm

Today I came across some amazing dress paintings by Viktor Schramm. So I thought to share his works with my readers. 🙂 I really wonder why such a great artist is not so popular? You may not realize how beautiful the paintings of the 19th century are. There are many skilled artists who lived in those times. But many of them are unknown to us. This post is dedicated to this great artist!

Artist Bio:

He was a Romanian artist who was born in 1865. He focused mainly on oil portraits. Viktor joined the Munich institute, Germany to study art  in detail. He painted twenty-six Hungarian officers and all the paintings are displayed at the Hungarian war museum. His famous paintings include ‘A Young Beauty Wearing a Silk Dress, Girl with a cat, Preparing for the ball and oil portraits.

Dress Paintings By Viktor Schramm

His paintings are characterized by intense details. Painting a dress with all its beauty is a tough task. But Viktor did justice to all his subjects. The works shown below also throws light on the fashion statement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The glazing on the fabric is so beautifully done! The lace, gown and dress details are realistic in these works. The details on the carpet are flawless. I do not know why I fell in love with these works.




I think the artist did not get much recognition during his lifetime. Viktor’s oil painting style was much evolved from Munich art school. Later he progressed himself and found a style of his own. More focus was given to oil portraits and women paintings. Women and children were given a special place in his subjects.

A close evaluation of Viktor’s work shows a masterful technique that is executed precisely. There are several skilled artists of the 19th century who are yet to be discovered and appreciated!

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