Famous Still Life Paintings By Dutch Artist Pieter Claesz

Pieter Claesz(1597/1598–1660) is a famous 17th century Dutch artist who was known for his realistic still life paintings. His paintings portrays everyday objects like lemon, plates, fish, candles, wine glasses and grapes etc. He loved to paint olives and fruits which were kept random over a table or cloth. Some paintings feature skulls, watch, glass and violin. The artist moved to Harlem in the year 1620 and developed his artistic skills during this period. The use of clear oil paints makes his works unique. We can clearly say that he is the master of 17th century still life paintings.

By 1640, Pieter Claesz started to use vibrant colors in his paintings. He painted expensive objects and dishes along with fruits in abundance. Pieter’s works inspired master artists like Abraham van Beyeren, Jan Davidsz and Willem Kalf. They were all interested in this type of still life. His works gained popularity soon and was a successful painter of that time. His paintings were widely reproduced and painted during his lifetime. He is one among the famous still life painting artists of all time.

Pieter Claesz Still Life Paintings










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