Donald Grant Wildlife Paintings

Donald Grant is one of the famous wildlife painting artist of this century. His paintings of tiger, lion and cheetah are quite popular.

Donald Grant Biography

He was born in North Shields in 1930. He showed great artistic ability at an early age. He even sold his work to family doctor at the age of nine.

He had an amazing passion for drawing and painting. He was arrested for trespassing airfield camp to sketch an aircraft at the age of 16! He had worked in different fields in different career paths. He served as a draughtsman at the beginning of his career. He even worked in army, then as technical illustrator and advertising artist.

HisĀ paintings are known for its exceptional details. His African wildlife paintings became popular at a faster pace. He visited African grasslands and forests to capture beautiful subjects. His works had been exhibited in several prestigious museums worldwide. Here are some of the popular wildlife paintings by this artist.

Donald Grant Wildlife Paintings





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