Lynn D Pratt Watercolor Paintings

Lynn D Pratt is a famous watercolor artist known for her unique paintings. She loves to paint nature related topics. She studied architecture and started career as an architect. When she had her first daughter, she started her own firm “Pratt Design”.Watercolor was a great hobby which she loved to do most of her time.

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She is interested in doing pet portraits as well commissioned works. She also take watercolor classes for both adults and children. Most of her paintings are influenced by architectural skills that she developed from her course. Lynn is a perfectionist when it comes to watercolors. Sometimes she focus on details and highlight it. She likes the idea of detailing a particular element in each of the works. According to her, several small features makes up a great painting.

She has conducted exhibitions and shows in famous galleries. Some of her watercolor paintings are very creative in nature. Her currency painting and strawberry series captures great attention. Here are some of the selected works by this famous watercolor artist.

Lynn D Pratt Watercolor Paintings





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