Step By Step Forest Acrylic Painting By Artist Mahith

Today’s featured artist is Mahith from India. He is a self-taught promising artist who is working as a software engineer. Art is his passion and in the midst of tight work schedules, he finds time for his creativity. Let us hear the forest acrylic painting process from the Artist itself.
Artist Bio
I am Mahith Mohan. I am a software engineer in Infosys by profession. Drawing and Painting are my hobbies. I am a self taught artist. I am learning different techniques in painting and sketching by watching youtube videos. I do color pencil sketches more than paintings. Recently I started trying acrylic painting. Also I am interested in creating bigger and beautiful Pookalam for our traditional festival – Onam.
About the painting
Title: “Lost in Jungle”

Step By Step Forest Acrylic Painting

I thought of trying to paint a view of a misty forest where sun rays come between the leaves.
  • I started painting the base with very light green at middle and it goes darker to outside horizontally.


  • Trees that are far away was made in lighter shade than the ones nearby.
  • Once the branches were done, a semi transparent layer of light green mixed with white was painted on top.


More water in the paint will make it semi transparent. Next came the nearest trees which required maximum dark.
  • For grass, first a dark (green + black) background layer was made and then on top of it used sap green to highlight grasses.
  • Once grass was done , a semi transparent white layer was applied to obtain the misty look.


  • Similar semi transparent white layer was used to highlight the sun rays.


Then the grass and leaves which would get the sunlight were given a lighter shade to highlight the effect. Also used a more darker color to give a shadow effect for the branches and trees.
Here is the finished acrylic forest painting !!
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