Henry Von Genk III Realistic Landscape Paintings

henry-von-genkHenry Von Genk III is an American realistic landscape painting artist who was born and raised in Florida. He live with his family in Atlantic Beach. He has been in the field of art since 25 years. Henry has successfully covered several fine art projects for clients and galleries around the globe. The best part is he is a self-taught artist who conquered realistic painting style. He prefer mostly to work with oil paint to achieve depth and richness in his paintings of nature. The shadowing and glazing effect in his works outlines his masterful painting technique.

Henry’s interest in Florida’s natural beauty is evident in his realistic landscape paintings. He loves to play with light and shadows in a unique manner. His paintings of fields, birds and evening beaches are amazingly beautiful. He had conducted several exhibitions and shows. Here I have selected some of the best works of this great artist.

Henry Von Genk paints natural scenes with realistic flora and fauna. His oil painting technique is be definitely a study guide for beginners in this domain. Almost all of his paintings take us to a new world of greenery and happiness.

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Henry Von Genk III Landscape Paintings










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