Incredible Oil Paintings

Incredible oil paintings are some of the finest and creatively superior paintings that are selected from world-class artists. The sheer beauty of creativity can be expressed on a canvas if you have ample patience and skill. Art redefines the normal thoughts on aestheticism and creates a new path for for imagination. Oil paint is a medium that offers excellent opportunity to experiment with your colors and ideas, so that you can reach an optimum level of confidence with this medium.

Masterful use of colors result in great paintings that survive over time. This article is a tribute to some of the great artists who created reality out of their dreams.

Famous Oil Paintings

Painting by Zdzislaw beksinski

Painting by Zdzislaw beksinski

Zdzislaw Beksinsk was an eminent polish painter. His paintings were  true inspiration and detail of his paintings. His mastering of light is exceptional and reflects the genius hands behind these works.

Oil Painting by Jefry T Larson

Oil painting by Alyssa Monk

Oil painting by Alyssa Monk

Alyssa Monks is one of the emerging artist who is passionate about contemporary paintings. Her paintings are thoughtfully rendered and often stands as a special piece in the world of contemporary art. She carefully blends both perfection and realism in her paintings. Most of her oil paintings are photo-realistic representation of water and human faces behind stream of water. Check her website here: Alyssa Monk paintings

oil painting by Istvan sandorfi

Oil painting by Istvan sandorfi


Oil painting by Dmitry Rodzin

Dmitry Rodzin was born in Krasnodar (Russia) in 1969. His oil painting techniques are wise use of colors are reflected from his paintings. He is a master in both oil and watercolors, the above oil painting shows the in-depth love towards nature and how realistic painting can be done with greater attention to fine details. Check Dmitry’s paintings here

Oil painting by Alexei antonov

Alexei Antonov is a Russian born fine artist who is fascinated by the classical painting techniques. He is inspired from the “Flemish” and old master techniques and his still life oil paintings are the true symbolism of classical means of painting in oils.  Click here to view Alexei antonov’s paintings.

Oil painting by Iman Maleki

oil painting by Iman maleki

For more paintings of Iman Maleki, click here

Oil painting by Robero bernadi

oil painting by roberto bernadi

oil painting by Antonio capel

Oil painting by Rob hefferan

It is quite common that in internet we come across incredible oil paintings that often takes our breath away. If you have any suggestions or If  you know any painting that is worth to be noted, please provide information. Looking forward to see your valuable opinion and list of choices!


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