Paint Sun Rays- Paintings by Artist Ashley Dull

Today’s featured artist is Ashley Dull who loves to paint sun rays in landscapes. Apart from joy, these paintings are a good medium to induce happiness. Her works often tend to connect the viewers to the inner mind and explore peace.

She is interested in creative artworks since her childhood in the farms of Iowa. Ashley did her first exhibition when she was nine years old. Most of her works succeed to express hope, peace and joy.

Paint Sun Rays


In this painting, there is an amazing mix of greens and yellows. The reflection and shadows are beautifully painted, thus giving a realistic look. The artist was bought up in the middle of natural beauty. This influenced her subject choice to a greater extend. She was always fascinated by light and trees.

She lives in Minnesota with her husband and two children. She works in the studio when she is not running behind her kids. Her works are exhibited in local and state galleries. Some of her paintings are also picked up by private collectors. She launched her website in 2017 and attracted visitors around the globe.


She polished her skill by studying art and developed a special interest in painting sunlight. Oil paint is her favorite medium to work with. She plays with paint and light to create illuminated artwork with sun rays. This give an emotional touch to her paintings.artist


Ashley’s Technique

She starts with a blank canvas and paint carefully creating several layers. Use of multiple layers give a realistic and multi-dimensional appearance. The foregrounds are painted heavily using a palette knife to make a textured feel. Later some areas are blended with a soft brush to create a sunlight effect.

Ashley see nature so well that each minute changes are portrayed on canvas. She admires nature and its power that keeps her close to God. This is the very basic reason for her interest in “light”.



“Peace On Earth” Oil on Canvas, 30” x 24”



Check out Ashley’s How to paint sun rays video in Youtube.


“If I can help someone feel a connection to the world around them and a sense of purpose in this life, then I know I have done right by my talent.” -Ashley Dull

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