Watercolor Portrait Paintings-Interview with artist Kannan Chitralaya

Fine Art Blogger is privileged to feature Kannan Chithralaya, an Indian artist who loves to craft watercolor portrait paintings.

With a passion that started at the age of fourteen, he has created more than 100 paintings to date. He has engraved a place for himself in the artistic world. His watercolor portraits always stand out in the field. What primarily started as a small interest has now turned into a permanent career.


Kannan is a gifted artist who tried painting without attending art classes. He used to take part in painting competitions both at district and school levels. His family situations kept him away from the dream of joining a fine arts college to pursue an art degree. With strong interest in art, he did not give up. He tried painting himself and started doing artworks for hoardings.

kannan-chitralayaDuring this time, he was noticed by Artist Asif Ali Komu and got an invitation to show paintings. This was the turning point in his artistic journey. With the large public attention gained by the exhibition, he decided to quit the flex board works and started concentrating on paintings.

The artist has explored several dimensions of art through his works. His exceptional style of watercolor painting using several colors has almost a special effect that is seen rarely in this medium.

 “I have tried all mediums. Oil paintings are more in demand but I do more of water-colour paintings,” he said.

FAB is extremely happy to interview artist Kannan Chithralaya today!!

  • Who is your inspiration to be an artist?

It is my elder sister who inspired me the most. She used to draw during childhood days. I too started experimenting with paint and pencils. My mother and sister supported well in my passion to be an artist.

Watercolor Portrait Paintings

By Artist Kannan Chitralaya



  • When did you start painting seriously?

I used to take part in art competitions during high school. I started painting seriously during my ninth grade school holidays.  I had to undertake banner works, board paintings, and hoardings during that time. But the market demand for these jobs gradually decreased and hence I started to concentrate on portrait paintings.

  • Which mediums do you prefer most?

I worked with several mediums including oil, acrylic, and watercolor. First I tried with pencil drawings. But later the watercolor medium influenced me the most and I was soon in love with it.

  • What is Chithralaya in your name?

Most people think it is the name of my art institute. But it is my pen name. So I sign all the paintings with this name. There is a misunderstanding for most of the people who consider it is as my art institute.





  • How did you develop this painting style?

Actually, this style evolved with experience. It was not intentional. But later it came out like this. I love to do watercolor portrait paintings more compared to other subjects. For portrait painting, watercolor is an excellent medium to create expressions.

Kannan has won several awards and conducted many exhibitions. You can visit the artist’s Facebook profile here.

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