Roy Hodrien Realistic Still Life Oil Paintings

Roy¬†Hodrien paintings are the perfect example of realistic still life work. His oil paintings of grapes, apples and vases are known for realism. He was born in 1957 in Lancashire. He came to realize his interest in painting during school period. He was encouraged by his teachers and joined art foundation course. He went Coventry to continue his art studies. He was initially interested in painting animal subjects. He got several commissioned works. Roy was much inclined to paint dogs. Later he published a book “Pedigree Dogs in Color”.

Roy worked in the advertising domain for a few period. He started focusing on still life oil paintings after work. Roy Hodrien was influenced by the works of Dutch Masters (17th century) like Jan Davidsz and Willem Kalf.

He developed his own style of painting after analyzing different techniques. He used thin layers of oil paint to create a translucent look. Thick undiluted paint was used to outline highlights. He was successful in using old masters techniques in a contemporary way. Roy was lucky enough to exhibit his still life oil paintings in famous British Art galleries. Achieving perfection in a painting is always a tough task. But Roy’s works are particularly known for its details and perfection. Here are some of the selected works of this artist.

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Roy Hodrien Still Life Oil Paintings








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