James Neil Hollingsworth Realistic Oil Paintings

James Neil Hollingsworth is known for realistic oil paintings. He was born in Georgia, US in 1954. His family settled in Atlanta in 1966. He used to draw and make doodles during his childhood days. He graduated in the year 1972 and was selected to serve in the military service. James opted to join the Air Force and worked for two years. During the military service time, he started doing watercolor paintings.

He was much interested in variety of sports including flying and soaring. He has done a series of still life paintings of airplanes due to this interest. He worked as an airplane mechanic and later in his father’s graphic design studio. During the course of life, he and his wife Karren was forced to study nursing. They tried to find a stable income working as nurse.

His painting career bloomed in 2002 when he thought of selling paintings on internet. There was a rapid increase in the sales. He started to paint on large canvas sheets. James Neil Hollingsworth stepped into the world of realistic oil painting. He painted traditional still life subjects like coffee cups, toys and glass bowls. He tried to explore the effect of light and shadow on metals, glass and plastic. The oil paintings of spoons, forks and metallic plates are amazingly realistic!

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