Terry Isaac Realistic Wildlife Paintings

Terry-Isaac-biographyTerry Isaac is a famous wildlife painting artist from Oregon. His paintings of humming birds, tigers, lion, eagle and variety of animals are breathtaking.  The backyard of his home was a great inspiration for his artistic life.  He observed the characteristics of living beings around him and painted it beautifully on canvas. His major topic for painting includes mammals & birds of North America. 

Terry Isaac Biography

His artistic life started with a special interest in drawing cartoons and animations. He completed his studies from art college and entered into the domain of book illustration for children.But he soon discovered his love for wildlife art. He uses realistic painting techniques to capture light on canvas. His topics ranges from whales to small birds. 

Terry’s paintings of Swans, cats and cubs are so realistic that it competes well with photos. He is an established art teacher and conducts workshops for art lovers. 

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Terry Isaac Wildlife Paintings




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