Best Watercolor Portraits By Famous Artists

Here is a list of top artists who are famous for their amazing watercolor portraits. I have selected the best watercolor artists to showcase their beautiful paintings. Watercolor is a medium that demands great skill and experience. Painting a portrait using this medium with utmost perfection is often a challenge for beginners in watercolor painting.

Painting a watercolor portrait requires a good idea of light and shade. It needs to be handled carefully to obtain a natural look for the painting. After several layers, one can bring the painting into a beautiful piece of artwork. Sometimes you can paint from life or can use a photograph for reference. Use the largest brush that seems comfortable for the area, and only transition to a smaller brush for greater control or finer detail when absolutely necessary. Don’t get caught up in trying to use a small brush to cover a large area. It would be much easier if you know your subject deeply. This would make things much easier while painting. I have gone through several watercolor portrait paintings and hand-picked a few spectacular portraits for my readers. Enjoy! 🙂

Watercolor Portraits By Famous Artists

Yie Xian Min

Yie Xian MinBhuwan Silharetop-watercolor-artistsStan Miller


stan-miller-artistRogger Oncoy

watercolor-artistsSamir Mondal

best-watercolor-artistsWatercolor Portrait by Shi Tao


Liu Yun Sheng

best-watercolor-portraitsUday Bhan

how-to-paint-watercolor-faceAud Rye

famous-watercolor-artistsSarath Chandran


Dan Knepperwatercolor-portraits

Uday Bhan


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  1. Gerhard Ritter
    • ania Robertson
  2. mona
  3. sukhendu bhattacharya
  4. Joan
    • jesna
    • Nicola Dalbenzio
  5. Ummer Faseel
    • jesna
  6. Tyler Thompson
  7. anand
  8. Annapurnayeluripaty
  9. jim grindstaff
  10. shailesh
    • jesna
  11. Sanjay
  12. GeriBee

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