Dirk Dzimirsky Realistic Pencil Portraits

Dirk Dzimirsky is a realistic pencil drawing artist. He was born in 1969 in Germany. His technique is often called as hyper-realistic. He select unique photographs as a base for his works. Correct blend of shadow and light gives a photo-realistic effect to the drawings. His works are quite popular and have been exhibited at several galleries worldwide. His works looks exactly like photos and is difficult to distinguish between both. The perfectness in drawing hair makes great looking portraits.


Dirk Dzimirsky Technique

He starts his work with a reference photograph. Selection of emotion rich photos is the key to produce a good work. He also adds elements of imagination while drawing portraits. Hyperrealistic drawings are characterized with amazing levels of detail and perfectionism. He likes to experiment with differently textured papers and methods of drawing.

He prefers to work on grey-toned or off-white papers with a textured touch. He uses different types of graphite and charcoal pencils. White charcoal is used to make highlights on grey paper. To compose light, eraser is often helpful. Pressure plays an important role in lifting top layers without affecting the underlying layers. Drawing multiple layers help to create textures on the paper.

Dirk Dzimirsky Realistic Pencil Portraits








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