Step By Step Realistic Pencil Portraits By Josi Fabri

Here is a collection of step by step realistic pencil portraits by artist Josi Fabri. She is a Brazilian artist who like to draw characters from her favorite films. Her Deviantart portfolio showcases a series of drawings from “The Lord of the Rings”. Most of her works looks like photographs from movie scenes.

Josi’s works often compete with real photographs. It looks like movie posters and scenes. It is very difficult to distinguish it as a pencil creation. Each of the work is a fine piece of art crafted with hours of hard work. The minute details add to the real nature of a portrait. Light and shading plays a crucial role in a making a realistic portrait. Some of her works even took more than 40 hours to complete. Her favorite characters include Jack sparrow, Bilbo Baggins, Thorin, Aragorn, Gandalf etc.

Step By Step Realistic Pencil Portraits

Bilbo Baggins pencil portrait






Jack sparrow pencil portraitstep-by-step-realistic-pencil-portraitspencil-drawing-artists

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